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Employment Prospects for People with Criminal Records in Washington, DC
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A newly released report from the Urban Institute finds that one in seven Washingtonians have a criminal record in the court system, but only half of them have a conviction. The report outlines how, despite significant efforts by reform-minded government and nonprofits, justice-involved people in Washington, DC, still have trouble finding work because of flaws in the background check process, local regulations, and the dynamics of the local labor market.

Join the Urban Institute as we discuss these work barriers and brainstorm solutions. This event will feature local DC government representatives, national and local employers, people who have experienced employment barriers because of their criminal records, Urban Institute researchers, and advocacy organizations. We will explore the policy and practice of employing people with criminal records and learn what can be done to enhance their employment opportunities.



  • Will Avila, CEO, Changing Perceptions (local employer committed to hiring returning citizens) 
  • Marina Duane, Research Associate, Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute 
  • Brian Ferguson, Director, DC Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizen Affairs
  • Malcom Glenn, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Uber Technologies, Inc. 
  • Sakenia Hammond, Returning Citizen, Aspire Program Graduate
  • Charles Jones, Deputy Director, Washington, DC, Department of Employment Services 
  • Nancy La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute 
  • Katherine Mereand-Sinha, Program Manager of Technology and Innovation, Washington, DC, Department of Small and Local Business Development 
  • Cynthia Roseberry, Executive Director, Council for Court Excellence
  • Gustavo Velasquez, Director, Washington-Area Research Initiative, Urban Institute 


Breakfast will be available at 9:00 a.m. and the program will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.

Support for this event has been provided by Uber Technologies.
For inquiries regarding this event, please contact [email protected].

Date & Time Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Urban Institute 2100 M Street NW
5th floor
Washington , DC , 20037
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  • Senior Director, Urban–Greater DC