US Capitol Building dome detail with waving national flag.
33rd Annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy

In response to President Biden’s expected fiscal year 2022–23 budget release, the Urban Institute is hosting its signature event, the 33rd Annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy.

As in past years, the roundtable will allow many of the nation’s leading experts, like you, to share observations and insights on the federal budget, the US and global economies, and the congressional budget process. We will tackle an array of topics, including the following:

  • How does inflation influence economic policy and, in turn, the budget outlook?
  • How should the budget adapt to the crisis in Ukraine and both current and unforeseen defense and international affairs needs?
  • How well does current law or the president’s new budget address the administration’s stated priorities for investments in children, climate, and racial equity?
  • Is US government debt on an unsustainable path, and if so, when and how should that be addressed? How do upcoming pressures on programs with trust funds affect this calculus?
  • What are the political paths forward for the administration’s agenda in 2022 and for a better budget process in the long term?  


This is a private invite-only event. Please email if you have any questions.

Date & Time Wednesday, April 6, 2022