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32nd Annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy

In response to President Biden’s first budget release, we are again hosting a signature Urban Institute event, the 32nd Annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy.

Experts from across the public and private sector will convene to inform and elicit ideas and perspectives others might have missed at this early stage in the budget process.

We will tackle an array of topics, including the following:

  • Is this budget geared as a response to the economic impacts of COVID-19, to longer-run issues, or both?
  • In what ways does this budget attempt to support policies that further opportunity, mobility, and racial equity? Are the proposed policies the most effective way of pursuing those goals?
  • Do even higher deficits over the next years put the nation on a more unsustainable path. How might this budget be considered a prelude to tackling the upcoming requirement for trust fund reform?
  • How might Congress react and what political and process debates does it set in?


This is a private, invite-only event.

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Date & Time Thursday, June 3, 2021