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25th Annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy

The Urban Institute will host our 25th annual Roundtable on the President’s Budget and the Economy. As in past years, the roundtable provided observations, insights, and discussion from a limited but very informed group of budget experts.

After welcoming remarks from Urban Institute President Sarah Rosen Wartell, the roundtable tackled an array of topics:

  • How does the US economic outlook affect what budget choices are required?
  • Does the president’s budget achieve sustainability? By what criterion?
  • Will Congress consider any major spending or tax reforms this year?
  • Do the new proposals for the EITC and wage subsidies include room for compromise?
  • How has sequestration affected the budget—and what pressures will it continue to apply?
  • Are budget games (e.g., moving costs outside the ten-year budget window) increasing?
  • How long can defense, health and tax policies stay on their current path?
  • How does current fiscal policy put additional pressure on the Federal Reserve?

Photo credit: Svetlana Foote / Shuttestock

Date & Time Wednesday, March 5, 2014
2100 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037
, DC , 20037
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