PROJECTThe Equity Imperative

Leveraging Technology to Advance Inclusion
A week-long online forum the week of June 1

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Technology has changed the way people access services in cities and states across the country, but technological advances don’t always benefit everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that the digital divide is greater than we thought. The public, private, and nonprofit sectors have an opportunity to not only bridge that divide but ensure technological advances can contribute to broader prosperity.

Join the Urban Institute and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth for the Equity Imperative: Leveraging Technology to Advance Inclusion, a week-long online forum exploring a pivotal challenge facing cities: how to achieve equity in the digital age.

The online forum will surface insights on how policymakers, researchers, community members, and private companies can advance innovation for inclusive growth.

Follow the conversation on Twitter: #InnovateForInclusiveGrowth

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