Taylor Taura
Taura Taylor

Taura Taylor is an assistant professor of sociology at Morehouse College. She holds a BBA in finance from Howard University and both an MA and a PhD in sociology from Georgia State University. Her research interests include sociology of education, sociology of the family, social determinants of health, social movements, and entrepreneurship—all of which converge into her express interest in intersectionality and micro-level resistance. Taura Taylor’s entrepreneurship research is published in the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Research Proposal Summary:

Professor Taylor’s study sets out to examine the tangible and intangible resources and interactions that Black women either explicitly or implicitly identify as substantive to achieve work-life balance as an intervention for wealth equity. Intersecting inequalities related to class, race, and gender impress upon Black women’s experiences as they sacrifice time, wellness, income, and, consequently, wealth to pursue their professional goals and meet their commitments and obligations as family caretakers. Dr. Taylor’s study will examine the role strain and role conflict that Black women experience as workers and caretakers (in child care, elder care, and extended family kinship care). In addition, her study will center meso-level (community and organizational) determinants and interventions in the forms of policies, resources, and social interactions to address the wealth gap that disproportionately affects Black women.