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Stuart Kantor

Stuart Kantor

Media Relations Manager

Albert Einstein said he sought the company of smart people in his youth and kind people later in life. At the Urban Institute, I’m in the company of smart and kind people.


Stu Kantor manages media relations for the Urban Institute. He came to Urban in 2002 after 18 years with the Public Broadcasting Service, where he served as the director of PBS corporate communications and as the director of creative communications and editorial services for PBS Businesses. Kantor has been a researcher-reporter at WETA-TV in Washington, DC, for The Lawmakers, a weekly PBS series on Congress; the research and talent coordinator for Why in the World, a PBS current-affairs series for high school students; and a reporter for newspapers in New York, New Mexico, and Iowa. He earned a BA in English and linguistics from the University of Rochester and an MA in political science from American University.