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Sandra J. Newman
Nonresident Fellow
Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Sandra Newman is a nonresident fellow in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She is professor of policy studies at the Johns Hopkins University, where she directs the Center on Housing, Neighborhoods, and Communities at the Hopkins Institute for Health and Social Policy in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. She holds joint professorial appointments with the department of sociology and the department of health policy and management. Newman's interdisciplinary research focuses on the effects of housing and neighborhoods on children and families and on the dynamics of neighborhood change. Her current research includes studies of the effects of key housing attributes, such as affordability, tenure (owning versus renting), and receipt of housing subsidies on the life outcomes of children and adults; racial disparities in the effects of the tumultuous 2000 decade on young adult household formation; and the Housing and Children’s Healthy Development Study, a new longitudinal survey that includes a housing voucher experiment.