Ofronama Biu
Ofronama Biu
Principal Research Associate
Income and Benefits Policy Center
Office of Race and Equity Research
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  • Ofronama Biu is a principal research associate in the Income and Benefits Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she is a member of the Building America’s Workforce cross-center initiative and is affiliated with the Office of Race and Equity Research. 

    Biu has spent the past five years in senior research roles, using both quantitative and qualitative methods to explore racial and gender stratification in the economy, including occupational crowding and alternative work, race and gender disparities in workplace experiences, workforce development, and wealth equity.

    Before joining Urban, Biu was a senior researcher at the City University of New York and the Building Movement Project. Prior to conducting research, Biu also had extensive experience in project management, partnership building, employer engagement, and direct service to youth and young adults and college students.

    Biu has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from New York University, a master of public administration degree in public and nonprofit management and policy from New York University, and a doctorate in public and urban policy from the New School.

    Research Areas
    Economic mobility and inequality
    Race and equity
    Wealth and financial well-being
    Black/African American communities
    Economic well-being
    Occupational segregation
    Racial inequities in economic mobility
    Racial inequities in employment
    Wealth gap
    Wealth inequality
    Workforce development
    Employment discrimination
    Race, gender, class, and ethnicity
    Income and wealth distribution
    Beyond high school: education and training
    Job markets and labor force
    Financial Well-Being Data Hub

    Outside Affiliations
    MA Office of Economic Empowerment MA Baby Bonds Task Force
    Committee member
    City College of New York
    Adjunct Professor
    New School Institute on Race Power and Political Economy
    Edit/write chapter
    Insight Center

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