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Molly M. Scott
Principal Research Associate
Income and Benefits Policy Center

Molly M. Scott is a principal research associate in the Income and Benefits Policy Center at the Urban Institute. Her work centers around the systems changes needed to ensure that all people are valued for their skills and abilities, can signal them effectively in the labor market, and enjoy a good return on their investments in education and hard work. Recent research has focused on redesigning mainstream high school to be more supportive of young people with adult responsibilities, incentivizing postsecondary institutions to take more competency-based approaches to education, and evaluating initiatives to promote broad-based credential transparency. In addition, Scott has collaborated with employers to document forward-thinking practices in hiring and advancement for frontline workers that promise to be good for people and business.

Research Areas
Nonprofits and philanthropy
Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Social safety net
Race and equity
Neighborhoods and youth development
Beyond high school: education and training
Evidence-based policy capacity
Community and economic development
Immigrant communities and racial equity
Families with low incomes
Racial barriers to accessing the safety net
Racial equity in education
Racial inequities in neighborhoods and community development
Federal evaluation forum