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Meg Massey

Meg Massey

Policy Associate

I was drawn to Urban because I am passionate about finding smart and sustainable solutions to social problems. Here, it's not just about doing a great study. It's about creating a measurable, positive impact on people's lives.


Meg Massey is a policy associate in the Urban Institute’s Research to Action Lab and is the outreach and communications manager for the Lab’s Pay for Success Initiative. She works with experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders to identify and tell compelling stories about pay for success and why investing in what works matters.

Massey previously worked on pay for success and other social innovation projects at the White House Office of Management and Budget. She also spent time in the consulting world, advising federal and nonprofit clients on strategic planning with Deloitte. Before turning to policy, Massey was a journalist. Her writing on social and economic policy appeared in Time, CNNMoney, and Parade.

Massey received her BA with honors from Mount Holyoke College and her MA in American government from Georgetown University.

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