photo of Marokey Sawo
Marokey Sawo
Research Associate
Office of Race and Equity Research

Marokey Sawo is a research associate in the Office of Race and Equity Research at the Urban Institute. Her research centers on questions of income and wealth distribution as they relate to gender, race, and economic policy.

Before joining Urban, Sawo was an economic analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, where she conducted research at the national and state levels on the economic consequences of racism and misogyny. As a member of the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) team at the Economic Policy Institute, she contributed to advancing progressive policies by producing research on systemic inequities and providing technical assistance to the state-focused organizations within EARN. Sawo was also previously a researcher at the Groundwork Collaborative, where she focused on the economics of anti-austerity at the federal level, varying unemployment insurance issues, and broader labor market conditions.

Sawo holds a BA in economics from Vassar College and an MSc in economic theory and policy from the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College.

Racial Equity Analytics Lab
Black/African American communities
Economic well-being
Income and wealth distribution
Job markets and labor force
Occupational segregation
Race, gender, class, and ethnicity
Racial inequities in economic mobility
Racial inequities in employment
Racial wealth gap
Wages and economic mobility
Wealth inequality
Worker voice, representation, and power
Workers in low-wage jobs