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Malore Dusenbery

Malore Dusenbery

Research Associate


Malore Dusenbery is a research associate in the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center, where she focuses on victimization, particularly gender-based violence, and the criminal and juvenile justice systems. In addition to contributing to research, Dusenbery helps manage the Office for Victims of Crime–funded Center for Victim Research, which supports service providers in efforts to access, collect, and use data to improve their response to crime victims.

Dusenbery previously spent six years as associate director of the Economic Security for Survivors Project at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, providing national technical assistance to direct service providers, the justice system, community organizations, and policy professionals. Her primary accomplishments involved assembling best practices within the criminal justice system to enhance programming and capacity, conducting research on the cost of violence, and addressing the economic and safety needs of underserved groups. She has additional experience in policy advocacy, data collection, training, and curriculum development within national and local gender- and violence-focused nonprofits.

Dusenbery regularly participates on panels and webinars and presents at state and national conferences, including the national STOP Grant conference, the National Coalition against Domestic Violence conference, and the End Violence against Women International conference. Dusenbery earned her BA from Whitman College and an MS in social policy from the University of Pennsylvania.


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