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Luis E. Basurto

Luis E. Basurto

Research Analyst

At its core, I believe health policy in the United States deals with a quintessential microeconomic Pareto optimization problem. With many opposing incentives and complicated objectives, maximizing public health and minimizing costs are at the center of the discussion. A career that allows me to spend the bulk of my time working on a research agenda that helps develop the current body of empirical research with new insights and ideas is all I ever wanted. The end goal is to help improve current policies and legislation through data-backed analysis.


Luis Basurto is a research analyst in the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute. He received his BBA from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where he majored in economics and finance and minored in mathematics. Basurto graduated with honors with highest distinction for his honors thesis that examined cross-country output growth and convergence using a recursive rolling window regression approach to identify periods of explosive behavior. In addition, he was a peer review board member for the Economics Scholars Program hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and spent a summer developing his econometric portfolio at the London School of Economics. Before joining Urban, Basurto interned at the American Enterprise Institute and the Keystone Research Center.

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