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Lindsey Cramer

Lindsey Cramer

Research Associate

Urban’s comprehensive approach to data collection––conducting field visits, interviews, focus groups––speaks to the depth and significance of our work. It is empowering when we give voice to the practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders making change happen in their communities, then use these insights to inform the evidence base for sound justice policy.


Lindsey Cramer is a research associate with the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center, where her research focuses on the impact of the justice system on fathers, children, and families, as well as the correctional and community-based interventions designed to mitigate the effects of parental justice involvement. She also conducts research on community-based mentoring and workforce readiness programs for justice-involved youth.

Cramer leads the implementation and outcome evaluations of the Advocate, Intervene, Mentor (AIM) Program and the Justice Corps Program, both in New York City. She also manages the implementation, outcome, and impact evaluation of the Fathers Advancing Communities Together (FACT) Program and Urban’s project to develop and implement family-focused policies in correctional institutions at the local and state level. As coprincipal investigator of the AIM and Justice Corps evaluations, and as project manager of the FACT evaluation, Cramer leads the qualitative data collection efforts for the studies, including site visits, program observations, stakeholder interviews, and participant focus groups. She is also developing model practices that correctional facilities can implement to support and facilitate more frequent contact and communication between incarcerated parents and their children.

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