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Lily Robin
Senior Research Associate
Justice Policy Center

Lily Robin is a senior research associate in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where their work focuses on community-driven approaches to safety and well-being, policing, the school-to-prison pipeline, and disability in the criminal legal system. They have led several evaluations of programs in these topic areas using mixed-methods approaches and community-engaged methods. Before joining Urban, Robin worked in criminal legal system research and technical assistance, with a focus on law enforcement. They hold a BA from New York University, with a concentration in the school-to-prison pipeline, and an MPP from the George Washington University, with a concentration in mixed-methods program evaluation.

Research Areas
Children and youth
Crime, justice, and safety
Race and equity
Economic mobility and inequality
Alternatives to incarceration
Behavioral health and justice
Community public safety investment
Creative placemaking
Gun violence
Juvenile justice
Place-based initiatives
Policing and community safety
Racial and ethnic disparities in criminal justice
Structural racism
Substance use
Youth development

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