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Joyce Morton
Principal Research Associate
Income and Benefits Policy Center
I have found it rewarding to work in an environment characterized by excellence and integrity, and to work with other analysts who ensure that conclusions are based on a firm and defensible foundation, who allow data to lead to conclusions rather than to achieve desired outcomes.

Joyce Morton is a principal research associate in the Income and Benefits Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she supports the work of other analysts and directs technical work on the Transfer Income Model (TRIM). As a former IT professional, she developed alternate versions of the TRIM engine for two web-based products including the Net Income Change Calculator. Morton has worked extensively with large government datasets, including the American Community Survey (ACS), Current Population Survey, Survey of Income and Program Participation, and National Health Interview Survey (NHIS); has performed several statistical matches of the March CPS Annual Social and Economic Supplement and the NHIS; and has developed coding to convert ACS data for use by TRIM.

Before joining Urban, Morton worked with consultants to the nuclear industry and coded a comprehensive software package, EFFECTS, that was used for more than a decade by two nuclear stations to maintain databases of effluent losses and to assess compliance with regulatory limits. Another program she developed, TRACES, was used for years to assess dose from exposure to radionuclides in environmental media at several nuclear plants, a national laboratory, US state radiological health departments, and facilities outside the United States.

Morton has been awarded degrees from the University of Tennessee, Tennessee State University, and the University of Maryland.

Research Areas
Wealth and financial well-being