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John Marotta
Senior Policy Associate
Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population
Evidence-based workforce development policy is key to ensuring economic mobility and family financial security. Urban is a place where passionate, talented researchers are committed to ensuring access to opportunity for all, regardless of class, race, or birthplace.

John Marotta is a senior policy associate in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population at the Urban Institute, with seven years’ experience in nonprofit and governmental organizations and expertise in workforce and economic development policies and programs. He studies economic opportunity and skills, particularly how job training and work-based learning programs can lead to family-sustaining wages and viable career pathways. Marotta has developed and disseminated competency-based occupational frameworks for use in apprenticeships, building relationships with industry, labor, and education experts. He has contributed to numerous mixed-methods research studies and has delivered technical assistance to states and localities. He was previously the senior program manager at the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, where he managed research projects and facilitated the development of talent strategic action plans for regional economic development organizations. While serving as a special assistant to senior leadership at the DC Department of Employment Services, Marotta conducted labor market research and led performance management and interagency strategic planning efforts.

Marotta holds a BA in economics from Hofstra University and an MPP from Georgetown University.

Research Areas
Economic mobility and inequality
Wealth and financial well-being
Children and youth
Social safety net
Beyond high school: education and training
Job markets and labor force

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