John Buhl
Communications Director
Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
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  • Taxes impact everyday life in ways most people don’t realize. The Tax Policy Center helps policymakers and the public understand those interactions. Broadening the reach of its nonpartisan research to as large an audience as possible can empower lawmakers to enact better policies and educate the media and public on why those decisions are important.

    John Buhl is communications director at the Urban Institute, where he oversees media and communications efforts for the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. Prior to joining the Urban Institute, Buhl served in similar roles for the Tax Foundation and Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Before that, he worked as a state tax and budget reporter for Tax Notes. He also currently volunteers as the vice president of communications for the American Association of Budget and Program Analysis. Buhl earned a bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Pittsburgh.

    Outside Affiliations
    American Association for Budget and Program Analysis
    Vice President of Communications

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