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Jeanette Hussemann
Principal Research Associate
Justice Policy Center

Jeanette Hussemann is a principal research associate in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute. Her research focuses on indigent defense, victimization, and juvenile justice. She currently directs studies of holistic defense, indigent defense reform, elder abuse prevention, and human trafficking. Hussemann has received grants from the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, among other funders. Her work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, including the Public Opinion Quarterly, Social Psychology Quarterly, Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, Women & Criminal Justice, and the British Journal of Sociology.

Prior to joining Urban, Hussemann was the project manager of the Youth Development Study at the University of Minnesota, a research partner to the Hennepin County Public Defender’s office, and a social worker in Chicago and Minneapolis. She received her PhD in sociology from the University of Minnesota.

Research Areas
Crime, justice, and safety
Children and youth
Race and equity
Racial disparities in criminal justice