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Harvey Galper
Visiting Fellow
Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
I very much enjoyed my earlier time and research at Urban; when I had the opportunity to return as a visiting fellow after I retired from consulting, I was pleased to do so. I have not been disappointed. The research staff is superb, and the environment is extremely stimulating.

Harvey Galper is a visiting fellow at the Urban Institute, working with both the Center on International Development and Governance as an adviser to its director and with the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. His prior career encompassed work as an academic (Dartmouth College, Georgetown University Law Center, and the University of California, Berkeley); government service (the Federal Reserve Board and US Department of the Treasury, where he was director of the Office of Tax Analysis); and private-sector economic consulting (KPMG, BearingPoint, Inc., and Deloitte Consulting). For his work at Treasury, Galper received the department’s Meritorious Service Award. He also served on the senior research staff of both the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute during its early years.

Galper’s primary field of interest is fiscal and tax policy, a subject on which he has coauthored or coedited two books and published over 40 articles. He has also provided advice on fiscal and tax policy to numerous developing countries around the world, including Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao, and Puerto Rico. He is a past president of the National Tax Association and has also served on its board of directors.

He holds a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and a PhD in economics from Yale University.

Research Areas
Economic mobility and inequality
International development
Fiscal policy