Hadi Jeddy
Lead Engineer, Data Center Operations
Working with computer technology to resolve problems and help people achieve their goals is a work ethic for me. Urban’s wealth is in its people, and when people come together to do good work for the betterment of our society that is the place where I want to be employed. Working with computers is a challenge, but they are logical; when you add people to the equation, it changes the dynamics of that challenge. That makes it interesting. Hence, I say that the impossible I can do; it is miracles I am working on.

Hadi Jeddy is the lead engineer of data center operations in the information technology department at the Urban Institute. As part of the core Information Technology team, he provides high-level computer services to Urban staff members, which includes remote access as well as wireless and wired connectivity via secure switches, routers, and firewalls. He is constantly engaged with the use of various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Novell, Alpha Open-VMS, Sun Sparc, and Linux.

Jeddy helps keep Urban’s data safe and secure but accessible to the right people using his knowledge and trouble-shooting skill set with patience, not having the option or desire to quit until the job is doneright.