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Evelyn F. McCoy

Evelyn F. McCoy

Senior Manager, Training and Technical Assistance


Evelyn F. McCoy is a training and technical assistance senior manager in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she conducts research on incarcerated women, alternatives to incarceration, prison and jail programming, and human trafficking and survivors’ experiences in the justice system and with community-based service provider agencies. McCoy has expertise in program design and implementation, mixed methods research, policy analysis, and technical assistance.

McCoy coleads the evaluation of Maximizing OVC’s Survivor Assistance in Court Settings and forms part of the Evaluation of the Enhanced Collaborative Model to Combat Human Trafficking research team. McCoy also develops and delivers direct technical assistance to jurisdictions nationwide through the Safety and Justice Challenge Innovation Fund to help justice and nonjustice agencies implement efforts to transform their use of jails and the Family Connections in Correctional Facilities Project to assist facilities in implementing practices to support family relationships while parents are incarcerated.

McCoy earned her master’s degree in sociology and public policy at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, where her research focused on victim services and service delivery models for youth survivors of sex trafficking. McCoy earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.