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Eric Burnstein
Research Associate
Former employee
Housing and communities are at the core of who we are as a nation: the ground from which we develop ideas, where innovation starts, and the scaffolding from which we grow together. By working to understand how policies affect these areas, I hope to contribute to the vision of a country where everyone has a safe, reasonable home and a supportive community.

Eric Burnstein is a research associate in the Climate and Communities practice area within the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center. His work focuses on the impacts of climate change and climate-related disasters on cities and communities, with particular focus on communities that have been marginalized through historic discrimination and planning practices. His interests include urban and regional planning practices and engagement with vulnerable communities, social welfare policy, and geographic drivers and outcomes of planning and policy. Eric is a mixed-methods researcher with expertise in qualitative field data collection and analysis, demographic and analytic mapping, and project management. He holds a master’s degree in urban planning and a master’s in public policy, both from the University of Michigan.

Research Areas
Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Climate change, disasters, and community resilience