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Diane Schilder

Diane Schilder

Senior Fellow

Throughout my career, I have studied how separate publicly funded programs are implemented in order to better understand how programs and policies can be combined to most effectively meet the needs of children, youth, and families. I’m excited to join a terrific team at Urban Institute to deepen this important work.


As senior fellow at Urban Institute, Diane Schilder works with a team of researchers studying programs and policies that affect children and families. Applying knowledge gained as principal investigator of studies at a large nonprofit research organization, Harvard University, and the US Government Accountability Office, Schilder studies early care and education programs, elementary and secondary programs and policies, and higher education initiatives. Schilder is lead guest editor of an October 2019 special issue of Early Education and Development focused on early care and education collaboration. Schilder has a doctorate and a master’s degree from George Washington University and completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio State University.

Recently, Schilder has directed evaluations of initiatives funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education. In this work, Diane has examined how programs are implemented to achieve desired outcomes and has studied the outcomes of innovative interventions.