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Diana Elliott

Diana Elliott

Senior Research Associate

All children in the United States should have the same opportunity to succeed, no matter who their parents are, what neighborhood they live in, or how much money their family has. I am a firm believer that rigorous research can be used to level the playing field and ultimately create a better society.


Diana Elliott is a senior research associate in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population, where she studies families’ financial security, economic mobility, and asset building and debt. She was previously research manager of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ work on financial security and economic mobility, where she was instrumental in fielding a major national survey on American family finances, and publishing numerous reports and briefs about the state of financial well-being and economic mobility in the United States. Before joining Pew, Elliott was a family demographer in the fertility and family statistics branch in the Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division at the US Census Bureau. She has an extensive background in survey and qualitative research methods. She has been interviewed and quoted by numerous major print, radio, and television outlets, including the Washington Post, AP, Forbes, Bloomberg, NPR, and MSNBC. Elliott holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park.