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David S. D'Orio
Former employee

David D'Orio was a director of web application development in the information technology department at the Urban Institute, where he was involved in all aspects of web development, including architecture, requirements gathering, database design, and web applications. He has extensive project, product, and program management experience for online software products that have helped researchers gather and disseminate data for projects studying justice policy, housing discrimination, immigration, and program participation.

For the past decade, D'Orio has focused on information architecture, interface design, and application development. He has extensive experience in developing and maintaining internal production processes for the reconstruction and creation of data products for numerous statistical and research projects. He has worked on data projects, including data for multi-round national surveys, health claims, federal justice statistics, home mortgages, and nationwide property sales.

D'Orio graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in sociology and a certificate in social research.