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Claudia Aranda
Former Senior Research Associate
Former Director of Field Operations
Former employee
My ongoing commitment to civil rights, and particularly housing, continues to be strengthened by evidence gathered about the challenges Americans may face when looking for a home. Although housing discrimination may be less explicit than it once was, we must continue to shed light on its various forms, and help identify next steps for protecting and enforcing the rights of all homeseekers.

Claudia L. Aranda was a senior research associate in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she focused on housing discrimination, fair housing, and housing market research. Since rejoining Urban in 2010, she had been director of field operations for multiple Housing Discrimination Studies (HDS) funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, including studies on race and ethnicity (HDS2012), familial status (HDS-Families), disability (HDS-Disabilities), sexual orientation and gender identity (HDS-LGT), and source of income (HDS-Vouchers). Under her supervision, the Urban Institute Field Operations Team has supervised the completion of more than 14,000 paired tests in rental and sales markets nationwide. Aranda’s ongoing work investigates differential treatment on the basis of personal and household characteristics. She works with fair housing and other advocacy and community organizations across the country, implementing best practices in testing methodologies and field staff recruitment, training, and management. Most recently, she has led a multisite process evaluation on jurisdictions completing Assessments of Fair Housing. Aranda is an alumna of Stanford University and Columbia Law School.

Research Areas
Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Race and equity
Racial equity in education
Disability equity policy