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Anamika Dwivedi

Anamika Dwivedi

Research Associate

I am compelled by Justice Policy Center’s work to address the racial and ethnic disparities that pervade the criminal justice system. Urban’s systematic approach to evaluating programs and policies helps ensure that individuals and their communities are benefiting from evidence-based practices that can make a positive difference in their lives.


Anamika Dwivedi is a research associate in the Urban Institute's Justice Policy Center, where she develops research proposals, manages projects, conducts qualitative research, and prepares reports. Her research focuses on policing and crime prevention, with an emphasis on community policing and community-driven responses to crime.

Before joining Urban, Dwivedi was a research assistant in the Program for Criminal Justice Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School, where she researched policy initiatives to improve young adult justice.

Dwivedi received her MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, with a concentration in social and urban policy and a certificate in management, leadership, and decisionmaking. She also received her MAT from American University and her BA in biological sciences with a minor in philosophy from Northwestern University.