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The Urban Institute Internship Program

2019 Intern Class

At the Urban Institute, your work will have an impact.

For everyone from policymakers to community advocates to corporate leaders, the Urban Institute is a trusted source for facts and evidence that have the power to ignite change. Every day, our staff of economists, policy experts, sociologists, strategic communicators, and data scientists work together to deliver timely data and analysis in accessible and engaging ways. Our goal? To offer solutions that help today’s changemakers advance upward mobility and equity so all people have the opportunity to achieve their vision of success.

To learn more about Urban’s internship opportunities, reach out to us at [email protected].


Isabelle Robles

“The great thing about Urban is that everyone on my team and that I’ve gotten the chance to meet has just gone completely out of their way to make me feel welcome and coach me through everything I’m learning to make sure I get the most out of my experience.”

Isabelle Robles, 2020 Communications Intern



Margaret Todd

"[Urban is] the type of organization where you can reach out to an individual who's doing incredible research and say, 'Hi, can I intern with you?' And they take the time to really work with you and help you learn."

Margaret Todd, 2019 Research Intern



Intern Program Highlights

As an Urban intern, you’ll collaborate with experts across the organization to develop and deliver work that can make a real difference for families and communities throughout the US. Here are some highlights of what you can expect in Urban’s 10-week summer internship program:

  • A welcome orientation
  • Networking opportunities with operations staff, senior professionals, and others who will support your professional growth and career interests
  • Workshops and networking events designed to advance your professional development and build your soft skills
  • Team-building activities that forge new friendships with other Urban interns
  • Informal feedback and mentoring from your intern manager
  • An opportunity to present the value of your contribution and what you learned during our end-of-summer “lightning talks”

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Summer interns in action

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Clicking this link will take you to Workday, where our jobs are posted. Please type “Intern” into the search bar for internships to appear.