RFI Information and Survey

In addition to seeking letters of inquiry for proposed research projects, WorkRise is interested in learning from those who have identified promising approaches they believe should be further tested or evaluated, but who currently lack the capacity to conduct related research themselves.

We seek information from local, state, and federal officials, service providers, employee groups, employers and employer associations, advocates, researchers, and others. Respondents might include the following:

  • implementers who seek both funding to begin or expand an intervention and a research partner to assess the effectiveness of the intervention
  • implementers who seek a researcher partner and/or funding to assess an existing, already-funded program or intervention
  • researchers who seek an implementing partner and/or funding for project implementation or evaluation of a promising intervention
  • implementers or researchers who simply wish to suggest a promising approach for others to adopt or research

We have designed a brief form to collect responses, with the aim of making information-sharing quick and easy. The form asks for a description of the intervention and its target beneficiaries, along with an explanation of whether the intervention could be scaled readily. It includes a check-box for respondents interested in being matched with a partner for research, implementation, or data acquisition. The request for information will be open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Where appropriate, WorkRise will pair select innovations/innovators with research teams to generate new data and analytics and to support the development of effective programs on behalf of vulnerable workers. Select innovators/research teams will be invited to submit an LOI to the RFP noted above.

In addition, this request for information as well as relevant information from RFP submissions will be the basis of a clearinghouse that elevates innovations in policy and practice to key decisionmakers from the public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors seeking to understand the range of interventions designed to shore up vulnerable workers’ economic security and bolster longer-term economic mobility during this extraordinary moment in American history.

Respond to the request for information survey