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Photo of bank
Tying evaluation to the importance of the activity to the bank ignores the fact that many activities constituting a small share of the bank’s business have an outsize importance to the bank’s community.  
A “redlining” map of Richmond, Virginia, from 1937 produced by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation used to appraise home values and neighborhoods.
To lessen and reverse the pandemic's effects on Black families' income and wealth, consciously consider the persistent effects of the country’s legacy of human trafficking, bondage, and disadvantage. 
Jessica Armijo distributes food and packages of donated goods to people in need outside the Pan Y Cafe in Chelsea, Massachusetts on April 14, 2020.
Tracking which households are most affected could assist policymakers in targeting their efforts and ensuring an equitable recovery for all.
NYPD officers patrol before the Queer Liberation March on June 30, 2019 in New York City.
As policymakers and researchers reconsider the future of policing in the US, LGBTQ people, especially people of color, who have been directly affected by police and carceral violence can guide conversations.
A mural features faces and quotes from residents of permanent supportive housing
Rather than continuing to address chronic homelessness through policing, communities could fund housing services rooted in an evidence-based approach proven to help break the homelessness-jail cycle.
Man sits outside his house
A new analysis reveals the widespread need for rental assistance, both because of hardship stemming from COVID-19 and gaps in assistance that existed before the crisis began.
An apprentice learns from their mentor
Youth apprenticeships can provide students with valuable work experience and earnings to help them weather an unsteady labor market.
Woman stands in front of window
Improving accountability to victims makes the justice system more equitable and fair.

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