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Patient consults doctor
Low- and moderate-income adults, adults with chronic health conditions, and adults with Medicaid or other public coverage were more likely to report problems finding a new provider.
Daycare teacher plays with kids during COVID-19
These analyses are critical at a time when research suggests the pandemic is deepening structural inequities in child care.
Rows of houses
Two borrowers with similar circumstances often receive different treatment because different entities own their loans.
Volunteers pack groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic
It’s not enough to put “universal” remedies in place and assume the hardest-hit groups will benefit fully.
Person experiencing homelessness packs their bags in a hotel
Communities are fighting a two-front battle against the worsening homelessness crisis: local governments need more funding to continue stopgap measures like hotel placements and more funding to establish permanent housing solutions.
A man and child play together
A supportive housing organization in Columbus has figured out how to involve its local elementary school in meaningful 2Gen interventions, and offers lessons for other communities looking to do the same.
Tiny house
Five lessons from a tiny home village in Bozeman, Montana, can inform other communities seeking to end chronic homelessness.
Doors to an apartment building
Small-building landlords and renters need additional financial support—quickly—as the crisis continues.
Man who was displaced during Camp Fire plays guitar
Disaster-affected households are more vulnerable to the pandemic’s impacts. Three strategies could help.
A protester carries a sign during a "Defund the Police" march from King County Youth Jail to City Hall in Seattle, Washington on August 5, 2020. (Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)
Budget choices are happening now, and policymakers have an opportunity to enact equitable, effective, and lasting public safety reforms.

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