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A new tool shows how each state’s budget and economic conditions are changing during this crisis—and what might be needed for recovery.
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It would hit fewer than 1 percent of earners initially and would never affect more than the top 6 percent of earners.
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If college football games are canceled or played without fans, the resulting loss of economic activity and the associated tax revenues for college towns will be devastating.
A participant wearing a face mask with the words Defund Police in it. Thousands of protesters gathered at Mc Carren Park in Brooklyn for a massive march around Williamsburg, making a loud call for the defunding of the police force.
At the least, spending data can help advocates and policymakers understand reforms’ fiscal opportunities and parameters.
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Before the pandemic swept across the United States, the president released his annual budget, sharing his vision for federal spending over the next year and decade.
At an estimated $1.5 trillion per year, tax expenditures are a significant drain on federal tax revenue.
The Tar Heel State is the only state still arguing over the current fiscal year’s budget.
Tax policy experts recently discussed the biggest challenges for implementing a wealth tax in America.
The administration's proposal seeks to reduce the deficit, claiming to accomplish this mainly through domestic spending cuts.
Cloud computing allows us to test thousands of tax policy variations in just a few hours.

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