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How do we balance conflicting needs for privacy and accuracy?
As candidates offer ideas, Urban's scholars apply data and analytics to deepen public understanding of their potential impacts.
Last summer, Urban researchers traveled to six communities across the US to host community conversations on disrupting food insecurity.
A new book by Urban’s communications team explains strategies to get research into the hands of people who can use it.
The Census Bureau found that the addition of a citizenship question to the census would have virtually no impact on self-response.
How should Latinx Americans identify their race on the 2020 Census? “White”? “Amerindian”? “Mixed”? “Other”?
If it’s not applied carefully, AI can lead to decisions that exclude historically marginalized or underrepresented groups.
The fairness and accuracy of the census, and its miscounts, are governed by four simple numbers.
Urban's Rob Santos and Tim Triplett were recently elected to leadership positions in two prominent statistics-related associations.

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Updates from the Urban Institute

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