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The Department of Justice announced it will investigate a complaint that Harvard’s admissions process discriminates against Asian Americans.
In response to an abhorrent act of vandalism, James offered a reflection on the intersection of race and class in America.
A recent rise in intolerance toward South Asians may make the immigrant experience in rural America even more isolating.
The catchall category “AAPI” is popular among researchers and race equity advocates, but can conflate the identities and issues of two distinct groups.
A new CDC report suggests that the black-white disparity in death rates has vanished. But the real story on mortality trends is more nuanced.
The variation within the Asian population is often overlooked because disaggregated data is difficult to come by.
What exactly are the costs of segregation on metropolitan regions, and how does it limit economic vibrancy and earnings potential of residents?
Due to the circumstances in which many people of color find themselves because of structural racism, budgetary shifts will disproportionately affect communities of color.
The controversy is part of a long narrative of land policies explicitly connected to tribal identity and socioeconomic opportunity.
Modest forms of prejudice and privilege can cause systemic damage, as evidenced by the work of late Nobel laureate Thomas Schelling.

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