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By naming what creates and maintains racial disparities, we can challenge harmful narratives.
Latinx perspectives need to be more accurately represented and thoughtfully captured in public policy.
Jewel Mullen is the associate dean for health equity at the Dell Medical School of the University of Texas at Austin.
Although homeownership rates for other groups have largely recovered since the housing crisis, black homeownership continues to decline, recently hitting an all-time low.
Chicago’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund creates and grows entrepreneurs in underserved commercial corridors.
When Urban was founded, tensions from centuries of racial injustice and division had reached a boiling point.
Improperly representing certain groups can alter our view of the nation and exacerbate existing inequities.
The disconnect between Johnson’s actions and words illustrates his complexity and grounds Urban’s reflection on its past.
For decades, black communities across the country have been undercounted in decennial censuses
AALEAD provides after-school, summer, and mentoring programs for low-income Asian American youth in the DC area.

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