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Philanthropy can help address vulnerabilities and support the health and recovery of communities in the short and long term.
Social movements can catalyze philanthropy to support Black arts and cultural institutions.
Mitchell is the former CEO of Grantmakers In Health, the nation’s largest association of health funders.
Increases in the Latinx population and overall philanthropic giving have not yet translated into more charitable investments for the Latinx community.
Kaiser Permanente recently announced an investment of $200 million to address the affordable housing crisis.
A recent report analyzed differences in activities, mission, and funding for nonprofits in landslide voting districts.
Understanding changes in donor behavior and what influences them informs policies that could monitor, discourage, or provide incentives for charitable giving.
Fresno is one of America's youngest, most diverse, and fastest-growing cities, but it also has a high rate of concentrated poverty.
For local practitioners to benefit from evidence, they need to be engaged in all phases of research.
Emerging sources of private-sector data could change the public research landscape for the better.

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