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The COVID-19 recession unemployment crisis will be one of the worst on record, and it will come faster than other economic downturns.
How would new legislation make a difference? What elements might strengthen the proposal?
The outbreak's effects could be worse for low-wage workers and people in nonstandard employment.
Work-based learning can help students gain valuable skills and experience, while helping employers access a broader, more qualified workforce.
AI-powered tools are transforming the lives of America’s workers, with profound implications for civil rights.
Job seekers recently released from prison face challenges that make landing a job extremely difficult.
A new tool could provide the Social Security Administration a better picture of a person’s functional abilities.
A recent episode of Urban’s podcast, Critical Value, explores Atlanta's local workforce system.
Urban's updated State Economic Monitor shows the trajectory of state labor markets as they collapsed and recovered from the Great Recession.
Guaranteed job proposals like the one in a Green New Deal are bringing new attention to a strategy for creating quality jobs.

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