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Now—during the COVID-19 crisis—is the best time for investing in skills.
Despite the nation being at the tail end of its longest economic expansion on record, many hourly and self-employed workers were already struggling to make ends meet before the outbreak.
The COVID-19 recession unemployment crisis will be one of the worst on record, and it will come faster than other economic downturns.
How would new legislation make a difference? What elements might strengthen the proposal?
The outbreak's effects could be worse for low-wage workers and people in nonstandard employment.
Work-based learning can help students gain valuable skills and experience, while helping employers access a broader, more qualified workforce.
AI-powered tools are transforming the lives of America’s workers, with profound implications for civil rights.
Job seekers recently released from prison face challenges that make landing a job extremely difficult.
A new tool could provide the Social Security Administration a better picture of a person’s functional abilities.
A recent episode of Urban’s podcast, Critical Value, explores Atlanta's local workforce system.

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