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A neighborhood of snow-covered single-family homes
How can households advance beyond the inequitable, prepandemic status quo?
Protesters hold "abolish rent" and "rent relief" signs
$25 billion is not nearly enough to cover all renters’ needs and keep them protected from housing instability and eviction. That’s why effectively targeting this funding will be critical.
Maricopa County constable serves an eviction order
An extension would provide much-needed continuity and protections during the transition of the executive branch.
Houses in a neighborhood
Vulnerable homeowners need better policies to enhance their financial resilience to weather COVID-19 and future crises.
Children look outside a window
Almost any tax policy that tips the scales back toward renters would increase equity.
Rainbow over apartment buildings
Four practical policy principles can guide a more equitable housing response to COVID-19 and beyond.
Homes on a hill in San Francisco
Evidence shows that urban residents will often happily vote to fund increased affordable housing—though they have had less success promoting rent control strategies.
Suburban neighborhood
Unprotected homeowners of color are feeling the impact of the recession, and the long-term effects could delay their recovery.
Veteran experiencing homelessness stands with his dog
The plan president-elect Biden released during his campaign suggests his administration plans to invest in communities through housing.

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