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Skyline with houses
For many homeowners, the increased use of appraisal waivers has provided a tangible financial benefit during COVID-19.
Woman holds up a notice to pay an outstanding rent balance
Flexible federal spending guidelines make TANF well positioned to fill funding gaps in rental assistance programs.
Protesters hold "cancel rent" sign
Renters in every state still need additional rental assistance, even after receiving unemployment benefits.
Home in the dark
Approximately 400,000 homeowners who became delinquent after the pandemic began have forgone forbearance and become delinquent.
Ironworkers climb a building
Proposition 15 might moderately increase housing supply, but because it affects so few properties, it can’t solve California’s housing crisis.
Housing activists gather to protest alleged tenant harassment by a landlord and call for cancellation of rent in the Crown Heights neighborhood on July 31, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York.
For landlords who are struggling to pay mortgages and are disproportionately people of color, additional policies could alleviate their financial burdens.  
Community member protests evictions
The eviction moratorium offers a temporary reprieve, but rent payments will still pile up and be due down the line. That’s why large-scale federal rental assistance is critical.
Protester holds a sign that says "no evictions"
There’s no foolproof roadmap, but these three principles can help local leaders determine how to prioritize their scarce rental assistance resources.
Manufactured home
Occupants of manufactured homes work in industries and occupations that are most vulnerable to COVID-19.
House roofs
More data can help policymakers better understand how to support homeowners during the pandemic.

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