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Doubling the maximum Pell grant award would substantially expand access to college funding, providing a large increase in grant funding for current recipients and increasing the number of eligible students.
Pandemic-related interruption of state testing offers states a chance to reconsider their definition of economically disadvantaged students to ensure a more consistent and accurate measure.
You think adult learners are 50? They might be 18. And they all have different skills and learning needs.
New data show some kindergarten-age children are sitting out this year and without flexible supports and a focus on safety, disruptions could stretch on for another year—or more—in the lives of our youngest students.
If a universal free community college program is implemented, policymakers should carefully consider potential changing enrollment patterns, their associated implications on education equity, and how to mitigate any potential negative effects.
An examination of outcomes in Buffalo high schools shows how using regression analysis can provide insight for parents, policymakers, and school administrators.
Removing the income-driven repayment requirement from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program radically changes the number and type of borrower that qualifies and how much debt would be forgiven.
Though schools have only partial control over student borrowing, the nation’s highly endowed private colleges have made substantial progress on reducing student debt for low-and moderate-income students.
Latinx English learners are a diverse group, but they share a struggle that can be alleviated through specialized support inside and outside the classroom.
Adopting a measure of student poverty that does not hinge on school meal applications would allow states to prioritize getting free meals to all students without the fear of losing data that helps target resources for low-income students.

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