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Prison and jail leadership must strike a balance between maintaining order and safety while providing the best possible care to and upholding the basic human rights of incarcerated people.
There are no quick fixes, but research and data can support accountability and chart a path forward.
The Center for Victim Research helps professionals share information and improve responses to crime victims.
Uber released their first US Safety Report, which includes a focus on sexual assault occurring on their platform.
Service providers are addressing the unique needs of clients who've experienced multiple types of victimization.
Twenty-five years ago, Congress nearly unanimously passed the Violence Against Women Act.
The First Step Act offers people behind bars the opportunity to earn credits toward early release from federal institutions.
In Kansas and Missouri, adults can carry concealed firearms in certain public places without a permit.
Research shows that having an incarcerated parent worsens children’s outcomes.
On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, how are LGBTQI+ Americans treated in the criminal justice system today?

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