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Local organizations united to address the lack of affordable early care and education in San Antonio's Eastside.
Some argue that child poverty in the US is on par with other high-income countries and that our safety net is working as it should.
Research shows that child care is a key factor in parents’ ability to balance work and education.
This year, the federal government budgeted $350 million for preschool expansion and development.
Senator Roy Blunt recently released a draft bill with funding recommendations for programs that support America's children.
Funding levels for programs supporting our nation’s children will be decided in the Labor and Health and Human Services and Education bill.
Child care agencies must consider how to use evidence to improve their programs.
Our current child care system leaves many families unable to find or pay for high-quality child care.
The US will soon be spending more on interest payments on the national debt than on investments in children.
Policymakers have developed proposals that would use Social Security to fund paid parental leave.

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