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The American Families Plan will increase investment in childcare and early education, and the impacts will benefit even those without children.
The American Families Plan includes a historic investment in young children and public education that aims for universal preschool and broad access, especially for children of color and children from families with low incomes. But truly universal preschool may require an even larger investment.
Removing barriers could support the healthy development and well-being of millions of American children.
Despite the importance of home-based child care providers, many do not participate in or benefit from public child care investments.
To promote an equitable economic recovery and better support families, policymakers can use COVID-19 relief funds to begin addressing child care challenges.
The Child Care and Development Fund is one possible source of support for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nontraditional hour work schedules shape the types of child care families can access, which can limit their opportunities to work, earn a living wage, and support their kids’ healthy development.
A father helps his daughter with her jacket while dropping her off for her first day of 1st grade at the Lincoln-Hancock Community School in Quincy, MA on September 17, 2020.
Quick and comprehensive intervention can help ensure young children are not playing catch-up for the rest of their lives.
Caretaker helps child with remote learning
15 million parents with school-age children engaged in remote learning report that no adult in their household had moved to telework because of the pandemic.
Child on a swing
Three in 10 young Black children and nearly a quarter of young Hispanic children are projected to experience poverty from August to December.

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