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Child plays in a mask at day care
How researchers can apply racial equity and community engagement lenses to data collection.
Child does crafts while wearing a mask
The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the supply of child care, both in centers and in home-based settings.
Children play together
Child care assistance can support economic recovery and remove barriers lower-income families face when trying to reenter the labor force.
Person cleans child care facility
These survey tips can help state and local leaders understand how child care programs and their staff are faring and what it will take to reopen and recover from the pandemic.
A child and his father read together
Rapid and expansive cross-sector action could help narrow the racial and ethnic disparities among young people.
A boat in the water
Families envision a system that provides support before they are in crisis, but doing so may require transforming how the system currently works.
Daycare teacher plays with kids during COVID-19
These analyses are critical at a time when research suggests the pandemic is deepening structural inequities in child care.
Kids eat together at school
New research finds there isn’t a comprehensive or single way young children have been fed during child care closures.
Child participates in online kindergarten
In 2019, roughly 9 percent of federal spending was invested in children, compared with 45 percent that was spent on retirement and health benefits for adults through Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Parent tutors their young child with a disability
Parents of young children with disabilities are experiencing higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety than other parents.

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