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Pregnant person stands with child near ocean
Three ways COVID-19 may be putting pregnant Black women at increased risk.
Teacher cleans a classroom
As districts make decisions about this fall, consideration must be given to how plans can support teachers and their well-being through the pandemic.
A graduate wears a lei made of dollars
Evidence shows canceling student debt outright is a weak strategy for fiscal stimulus.
Kids eat together at school
New research finds there isn’t a comprehensive or single way young children have been fed during child care closures.
Child participates in online kindergarten
In 2019, roughly 9 percent of federal spending was invested in children, compared with 45 percent that was spent on retirement and health benefits for adults through Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
A woman is waiting for unemployment benefits
Absent new legislation, more than one in five Black and Hispanic people are at risk of being in poverty later this year.
Car with "Extend $600 Now" sign on its rear window
As federal, state, and local eviction moratoria expire, extending unemployment insurance would reduce the risk of eviction for families whose employment has not returned.
Minor league baseball players play a game
Many players may have to leave the game they love to search for livable wages in an economy still experiencing record unemployment.
Job applicants wait to be interviewed
As employers adopt AI hiring technology during the pandemic and beyond, they have a critical responsibility to ensure the systems they use don’t deepen inequalities.
Flooded homes in New Orleans, Louisiana
No federal law requires natural hazard risk disclosures, despite 74 percent of Americans supporting such a requirement.

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