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Physician's assistant prepares doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
Prisons and jails are the sites of some of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the country.
Nurse gets a COVID-19 vaccine
Black, Native American, and Hispanic/Latinx workers are more likely to work in person and in close proximity to others, putting them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.
Teenagers hang out beside a mural
Strong evidence shows the harmful effects incarceration can have on young people for the rest of their lives.
A bus message reads "No Mask No Ride"
Black, Indigenous, and people of color; people with disabilities; the elderly; and people with irregular work schedules often face significant barriers to finding safe and affordable means of transportation to work.
Woman writes with marker on clear board
A new administration offers new opportunities to incorporate evidence-based policymaking to strengthen policies to help people.
When the Families First Coronavirus Response Act ends on December 31, millions of Americans will be faced with the dilemma of losing a paycheck or going to work while sick.
Protesters hold "abolish rent" and "rent relief" signs
$25 billion is not nearly enough to cover all renters’ needs and keep them protected from housing instability and eviction. That’s why effectively targeting this funding will be critical.
Women helps her mother who has Alzheimer's disease
Single-payer programs would greatly expand access to long-term services and supports, but would add markedly to costs.
Students graduating from college stand in front of an American flag
Cancelling student debt has no immediate impact on the national debt, but will gradually increase the national debt in the long-term.
Masked doctor walks past a boarded building
Urban researchers equipped changemakers with real-time insights they needed to develop evidence-based solutions, both for immediate COVID-19 relief and long-term recovery.

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