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The COVID-19 crisis creates a unique opportunity for policymakers to strengthen their states’ grant programs.
The criminal justice field's shift toward person-first language is critical, but there is more work to be done to achieve true systemic change.
Recent evaluation of the ROSS-SC program reveals how service coordinators connect residents to services in times of crisis, in addition to focusing on longer-term health and education needs.
Adding 3 million net new Black homeowners by 2030 can help close the homeownership gap for Black families.
These nine principles can inform federal strategies to address gaps in the federal response to displacement and migration within climate adaptation, with the goal of envisioning a new framework as climate policy evolves under a new presidential administration.
Research that debunks three common myths about infill housing development can help Los Angeles cope with its severe housing shortages.
History and evidence from abroad suggest better planning and collaboration across the federal government could improve how communities are built and ensure their residents have access to more equitable outcomes.
The American Families Plan will increase investment in childcare and early education, and the impacts will benefit even those without children.
Mortgage forbearance has provided immense relief to homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic. When relief ends, experts will naturally look to the Great Recession for guidance and lessons learned. When they do, it is imperative they realize the differences between the two economic crises.
Where someone grows up and their race or ethnicity affect their economic opportunities and outcomes over the rest of their lives. This makes it more difficult for children in families with low incomes to achieve economic stability in adulthood.

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