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The American Families Plan will increase investment in childcare and early education, and the impacts will benefit even those without children.
Mortgage forbearance has provided immense relief to homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic. When relief ends, experts will naturally look to the Great Recession for guidance and lessons learned. When they do, it is imperative they realize the differences between the two economic crises.
Where someone grows up and their race or ethnicity affect their economic opportunities and outcomes over the rest of their lives. This makes it more difficult for children in families with low incomes to achieve economic stability in adulthood.
Low- and moderate-income households, who rely on a stable, accessible mortgage market; are the most exposed to the effects of climate change, and are the least prepared financially.
The pandemic highlighted the structural racism that upholds our political and economic systems and has long disadvantaged Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander people and communities in this country.
Unlike large, private funders, many smaller, public foundations have historically included community members, former grantees, and individual donors in their decision making processes.
The American Families Plan includes a historic investment in young children and public education that aims for universal preschool and broad access, especially for children of color and children from families with low incomes. But truly universal preschool may require an even larger investment.
Building costs can counteract the expected affordability improvements that arise from more new small homes being completed and sold.
A better option is to require servicers to evaluate borrowers for all loss mitigation for which they are eligible.
The Supreme Court’s ruling opens the door to increased use of this extremely harsh sentence, which disproportionately punishes Black children.

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