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Protesters hold an "abolish" sign
Research can play a critical role in supporting accountability and change.
Woman holds up a notice to pay an outstanding rent balance
Flexible federal spending guidelines make TANF well positioned to fill funding gaps in rental assistance programs.
Two people talk at a desk
Advocates and policymakers are grappling with decisions about reinvesting in communities to promote public safety and reduce harm.
A family plays outside
Disability services offer lessons on how to adapt and engage families during the pandemic.
Masked restaurant employee cleans tables
Latinxs are nearly 20 percent of the US population, making them increasingly consequential to the labor market.
Two people review paperwork together
Financial coaches can help clients navigate economic uncertainty and lessen COVID-19's threats to their well-being.
Child learns remotely
When cities do not deliberately center equity in technology programs, marginalized groups face the consequences.
Mother plays with her child
A new study explored how women’s prisons assist pregnant people and parents as one component of their approach to addressing prior and in-custody trauma.
Child plays in a mask at day care
How researchers can apply racial equity and community engagement lenses to data collection.
Desks in a classroom
Enrollment declines come at a time when state budgets are tightening and broad cuts to K–12 education funding are on the table.

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